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“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” ~ Lao Tzu


Lost City Explorer is the name of my first-ever blog, and the “Lost City” muse works wonders in being vague enough to entice a reader’s curiosity; it is also specific to any number of ancient lostcities across the Earth.

Lost City may also refer to “the lost city within,” the human soul looking at humanity’s insane, uncivilized relationship with itself as global war portends to unfold and catastrophic collapse looms as a distinct probability for our endangered species.  

During more than five decades of global travel, I have already been to countless “lost cities” across North America, Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The Lost City muse allows an outlet for making Present those past experiences by publishing their remarkable stories … and finally letting go of them to simply Be Present, my ultimate “destination” in timeless reality. 

The multi-dimensional Lost City muse is unsurpassed in providing inspiration and energy for Service to the collectively emerging “new age consciousness” by combining on-site exploration at Lost City venues with mythological time travel, returning “home” with golden nuggets of everlasting wisdom for melding a new and unifying Aquarian Myth.   

The Lost City muse herself is capable of providing a superconscient ~ that which is beyond the duality-steeped human mind ~ stream of unified consciousness: Epiphanies gushing forth disguised as “story ideas.” 

It’s a very cool and useful meme. 

The name Lost City Explorer feels perfect, much like the name I chose for my column at the Ithaca Times in 1985. The Times’ esteemed editor Mark Schultz and I called it The Big Picture – the phrase was still an underground expression, not yet a cliche. That didn’t last long. Two months after we debuted the column in Ithaca, A. Whitney Brown and Dennis Miller dubbed their Saturday Nite Live comedy/news segment on NBC “The Big Picture.”

The Big Picture was another cool and useful muse concerned with “connecting dots” between supposedly unrelated events, a major academic/media know-no that leads to “conspiracy thinking,”  stupidly regarded as some kind of disease, in the present, lamentable postmodern world that denies the existence of Truth itself. This was especially challenging living and reporting in Ithaca, an Ivy League burg. 

I got away with it. 

The Ithaca Times and I received national recognition with The Big Picture through our investigative reports that won high rankings in 1983 1nd 1985 with the media/journalism judges at Project Censored, the longtime, honored media and communications project at Sonoma [California] State University in Santa Rosa. 

I feel blessed with the Lost City muse as much or even more than with The Big Picture. For one thing, my writing can now finally exit political/world affairs journalism to something more mythical and liberating. 

Lost City ~ “ciudad perdida” in Spanish ~ is abstract, vague and a bit off beat … like the best of news columns. 

Lost City also has a very specific reference: to travel destinations such as the Acropolis, the Gizeh Pyramids, Capernaum on Galilee, Mexico City’s Tenochtitlan, the Yucatan’s Chichen Itza, Peru’s Machu Pichu and Mahendraparvata, the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire era in Cambodia, to name just a few. 

A thousand or more Great Lost Cities are strewn across every part of the globe.

There is likely a lost city beneath your feet right now, a location where once existed a thriving civilization, held together by sacred and unifying community precepts. 

Lost City also has a compelling and contemporaneous meaning. Look at my New York Empire State license plate. 

Does it not suggest New York City ? … today? You betcha. 

There is a indeed a great lost city astride a fragile, five borough surf board that one day will disappear beneath tumultuous ocean waves when Mother Earth does her eternal creation, making and remaking the planet. 

It might be a year from now, a hundred or a thousand years from today, maybe ten thousand years. Time doesn’t matter.

Lost City has no limiting time frame to slice and dice Eternity. 

Indeed, Time itself does not truly exist; it is a human fabrication to divide the day and night into hours and minutes. Being and existence are not dependent upon it. 

New York City may already be classified as a lost city … with the decline [perhaps it never existed] of any greater civilization that’s worthy to call itself Human. Nonetheless, there is an evolving civilization and vibrant cultures taking root everywhere including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island – with blades of sustainable human greenness breaking through concrete sidewalk cracks – as humanity moves toward its destiny with a new consciousness for the Aquarian Age. The collapse of one paradigm makes way for a new and still unknown paradigm. 

Lost City Explorer will report upon all manner of “lost cities” – the ancient, once exalted empires now turned to dust and stone, jungle and water buried, and today’s lost civilization, devoid of any unifying myth or agreement. 

We live in a dangerous time for Humanity’s survival. 

The Lost City muse arose in my consciousness during February 2015, exactly coincident with the finalization of my divorce, offering a new life beyond the Ithaca homemaking I’d known for thirty years. I was already considering various foreign destinations for possible expat relocation that would bring a new journalistic gig, something different than any writing I’ve ever done. 

I had downloaded several spiritual and inspirational talks onto my iphone along with hundreds of music albums. One day while shuffling “songs” on my car stereo, I began listening to Terrence McKenna talk about something called the “Archaic Revival.” 

McKenna talked about “mining” the great civilizations of antiquity for their golden myths …. for the purpose of weaving a new unifying myth for humanity in the Aquarian Age … to coordinate with its arrival in 2130, according to my historical research and astrological calculations. 

These themes will be covered more broadly in subsequent articles describing my travels and research. 

It helps immensely that I have already been to hundreds of lost cities of the earth.  I have visited 49 of the 50 states and about that many countries. 

The next big journey seems likely “the long way trip” to Hawaii (my potential 50th state) by traveling east from New York while being in no rush to get anywhere. 

John Edmiston Milich


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  1. John,
    I’ve learned a lot from you my friend. I look forward to reading more about your world travel experiences. The lay out of your page looks great.

    All the Best

    • Thanks immensely for your friendship and collaboration, Tony! I much appreciate your kind words about this website. THIS is what I’ve been doing for the past three months – building this and my other website – in preparation for “going global” with my creative life.

  2. Thank you for sharing this fantastic webpage.

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