ALEXANDRIA, Egypt ~  Taposiris Magna Temple to Osiris {Marc Anthony & Cleopatra’s Crypt}

ANGKOR WAT, Cambodia ~ Buddhist Temples of Antiquity & A VAST HIDDEN KYMER CITY

AVEBURY HENGE, England ~ the largest prehistoric stone circle in Britain and the most popular megalithic site after Stonehenge

ATHENS, Greece ~ The Acropolis

AUROVILLE, India ~ The City of Dawn

BEARA PENINSULA, Ireland ~  Last of the Irish Aristocrats O’Sullivan Beare Clan Stronghold

BEJA, Tunisia ~ Vaga, “the Granary of Rome”éja

GIZA, Egypt ~ Giza Pyramids ~ The Biggest 3 of 6 pyramids on the Giza Plain ~ Khufu/Cheops – Khafre/Chephren – Menkaure/Mykerinos and the Great Sphinx

CAIRO, EGYPT ~ Mari Girgis < Boyhood home of Jesus and the Holy Family for four years

CAPERNAUM, Israel ~ The center of Jesus’s public ministry in the Galilee

CHAMPA, Vietnam [Indochina] The Ancient Kingdom and the Cham People

CHICHEN ITZA, Yucatan [Mexico] ~ Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza

COLLINSVILLE, Illinois ~ Cahokia, Largest Mississippian Archeological Site in North America

ETHIOPIA ~ Ancient Ethiopia ~ One of the earliest places inhabited by humans

GOA, India ~

JOHN O’ GROATS, Scotland ~ Northernmost Point of Mainland Great Britain


IQITOS, Peru ~~~~ the Capital City of the Amazon

KATMANDU, Nepal ~~~~ Swayambhunath, The Monkey Temple

MACHU PICHU, Peru ~ Temple of the Sun

MAHENDRAPARVATA, Cambodia ~ Exploring Mahendraparvata, Cambodia’s ‘Lost City’ 

MEXICO CITY, Mexico ~ Tenochtitlan ~ Capital City of the Aztec Empire

MULTAN, Pakistan ~ Known as the “City of Sufis” and the “City of Saints”

NATCHEZ TRACE PARKWAY, Mississippi ~ Indian Mounds of Mississippi

PHOCIS, Greece ~ The Oracle of Delphi

STONEHENGE, Wiltshire England ~A prehistoric, mysterious circle of upright stones in southern England. Construction on the great monument began 5,000 years ago; the famous stones that still stand today were put in place about 4,000 years ago

SAFED, Galilee ~ Tzfat, The City of Kabbalah ~ Mystical City

UPPSALA, Sweden ~ Sacred Scandinavian Pagan Site at the Royal Mounds at Gamla Uppsala

VILCABAMBA, Ecuador ~ Playground of Incan Royalty & Valley of Longevity

VOLUBILIS, Morocco ~ The Ancient Roman City

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